POV and observations by a 55y/o Swiss

who has lived half his life in CH
and the other half in Southern California.

Michael H. Gaedeke

As a Swiss living abroad, I often find myself gravitating towards consuming World news not as reported by typical US networks (ABC/NBC/CBS) or cable news (cnn, FOX News, MSNBC) but reported by swissinfo/Swiss TV‘s more in-depth and “neutral” reporting style in their German-language TV news shows, mainly 10vor10, anchored by a most credible Arthur Honegger, whose expertise includes living in the U.S. as a foreign correspondent at the White House, bringing a unique pov & perspective on the U.S. (political) landscape.

Ideally, Honegger should be given an English-version 10vor10-style News “recap & analysis” show, designed to validate and confirm the truth in the day‘s news stories.

Swiss TV has always been known as a source with integrity, with non-sensational, unfiltered and non-partisan reporting. The arrival and establishment of online news outfits created a new dizzying channel lineup, comprised mostly of highly questionable integrity or outright fake news sites, leaving behind a misinformed readership and electorate causing unexpected outcomes like the recent election.

Few Americans trust social media as a news source, yet they use the internet as their main newsfeed. The need for a “validating, neutral party” is greater than ever.

Compare Swiss TV to U.S. news sources, whom we can‘t trust for their partisan slant or (perceived) alternative agenda, and one immediately recognizes Swiss TV‘s potential for setting the record straight. Echo chambers segregating dissent or alternative views are causing a (dangerous) 21st century “segregation”, causing a loss of idea sharing or consideration for alternative viewpoints. Governmental services such as Deutsche Welle paved the way for international news exposure - and swissinfo.ch should now become the checks & balances we badly need to ensure we are properly informed on the issues.

I wish swissinfo.ch & SRF would capitalize on their reputation and become the World‘s foremost fact-checker.

Michael H. Gaedeke,
Hotelier, macOS/iOS Technology Coach & Hospitality IT Expert