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POV and observations by a 55y/o Swiss who has lived half his life in CH and the other half in Southern California.


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Learning skills that make you good at business
Actors help students learn empathy, passion and positive body language in the MBA programme at the University of St Gallen. (Julie Hunt/swissinfo.ch) ...
Switzerland's efforts to manage avalanches acknowledged
Switzerland and Austria have been awarded coveted UNESCO intangible cultural heritage status for their management of avalanche risks. The award ...
A Swiss dictionary made in China
The first 13 volumes of the Romansh dictionary became available online at the beginning of December — a feat made possible by outsourcing to China.
Sustainable prostheses
From a bachelor degree project to a start up: two students from the Zurich University of the Arts got the idea of turning rubbish from a dump into prosthetic limbs.
A circular history of the ring
Affoltern am Albis is home to the collection centre of the Swiss National Museum. It's Switzerland's largest museum warehouse. Swiss public ... Affoltern am Albis ...
Why bacteria plays a key role in cheesemaking
A visit to the factory of master cheesemaker Thomas Aeschlimann in Reutigen, canton Bern, and why bacteria is so important in the production process. A visit to ...
An untaxed pollutant
In comparison to cars, planes fill up their tank without having to pay any tax on their fuel. This was decided at the end of WWII and despite the fact that times have ...
Big brother, farm style
A project run by the federal Government and the University of Bern is trying to find out the best farming conditions for hens and rabbits. They've installed cameras ...
What MBA students want
Giulia Gatti and Hagen Rockmann talk about honing their business skills and outline their professional plans. --- swissinfo.ch is the international branch of the ...
Swiss offer a hand to friendless Brexit Britain
Just when British Prime Minister Theresa May thought things couldn't get any worse, Britain is being openly mocked by the Swiss. A satirical video has a top tip ...


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