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"Facts and opinions about the country and the people who call it their home, or are associated with it. Interesting, informative and professional. That was swissinfo.ch in 2016."

Marina Karlin
SWI Public Council

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POV and observations by a 55y/o Swiss who has lived half his life in CH and the other half in Southern California.


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Starmus, the festival where stars and music align
Garik Israelian is an astrophysicist and a musician. Brian May is a musician and an astrophysicist. Together, the two friends created the Starmusexternal link ...
Ice cream by boat on a picturesque Swiss lake
André van Sprundel is a successful businessman with an unusual hobby. He is the only person in the country who sells ice cream to bathers by boat.
My little piece of Switzerland
Cheese, pocket knives and trains: these might be the first images that come to mind when thinking of Switzerland. But the country's a lot more than that, and ...
What it’s like to work as a female artist in Switzerland
Exclusive research by SWI swissinfo.ch and Swiss Public Television, RTS, found that art by women isn't shown as often in Swiss art museums as art made by ...
Gender equality in the art world
125 museums, hundred of exhibitions, pages of data. We wanted to know what percentage of exhibited artworks in Swiss museums was created by women ...
The three Rs of the good environmentalist
Recyle - Reduce - Reuse: but be careful how you do it! Green gestures and a sustainable lifestyle can be good for the planet but there are some things to keep in ...
What Swiss tourists witnessed at Tiananmen Square
swissinfo.ch is the international branch of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). Its role is to report on Switzerland and to provide a Swiss perspective on ...
Survival strategies for small shops
It's been a tough time for Basel shopkeepers, with many consumers skipping over the border for cheaper products in Germany, and added competition from ...
Politics, j'adore! - episode 3
In our new series 'Politics, j'adore!' we'll introduce you to two young politicians, who want to blaze a trail through Swiss politics. Nouvo brings you short videos ...
Mental health first aid course
Would you consider taking a mental health First Aid course to know how to help people in need? Nouvo brings you short videos about Switzerland, Swiss ...


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