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Larissa M. Bieler

"In a year when fake news became the news it's clear that the public need a news source they can trust for its impartiality and accuracy. I noticed this particularly when I was talking with the Swiss in America in October."

Diccon Bewes
SWI Public Council

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POV and observations by a 55y/o Swiss who has lived half his life in CH and the other half in Southern California.


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Many refugees rely on social assistance
Social welfare cases in Switzerland are on the rise, and the numbers are quite high among refugees. (SRF/swissinfo.ch) In 2016, the number of people in Switzerland claiming welfare increased...
People with mental illness help each other
How can mentally ill people find work more easily or find the courage to take another step on the road to recovery? One answer is if they have the support of people who have been through something...
'Swissmade' label: the pros and cons
In recent years, the Swiss watch-making industry has suffered from the strong Swiss franc and export-related difficulties. The figures are gradually improving. But for some companies the “Swissne...
Famous castle faces funding shortfall
Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva is one of the most impressive and most visited medieval castles in Europe, but its managers are now worried about its upkeep. (SRF/swissinfo.ch) --- swissinfo.ch...
Boris Johnson's "mummy"
This is thought to be UK Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson's great-great-great-great-great-grandmother. The best-known mummy in Switzerland was for decades a riddle to scientists. After 40 years,...
Swiss medical students follow their dream in Romania
It's notoriously difficult to gain university places in medicine and veterinary science in Switzerland, so a growing number of Swiss are going to Romania to study instead. (RTS/swissinfo.ch)...
Hale-and-hearty pensioners help their elders
When “young” pensioners invest time in helping those more senior than themselves: a St. Gallen-based model is breaking new ground in Switzerland. The first-ever scientific report on the...
Forget fish and chips, this is raclette, London-style
Switzerland's famous cheese dish is going down a treat in London, whether in “revisited” form on the Camden Market or in a more classic style on the Borough Market. Valais' “national...
A Swiss director in Hollywood
The film “The Divine Order” directed by Petra Volpe was a hit at the box office in Switzerland and also attracted considerable attention abroad. Swiss public television, SRF, visited Petra...
Is it time for public transport to lift off?
Lake Zurich is to get a new cable car, and other Swiss cities could be going down the same route. Nouvo brings you short videos about Switzerland, Swiss current affairs and the wider world....


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