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POV and observations by a 55y/o Swiss who has lived half his life in CH and the other half in Southern California.


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Are circus animals an endangered species?
Although Switzerland has really strong animal welfare laws, animals are still used in circuses. How do other countries compare? Nouvo brings you short videos about Switzerland, Swiss current...
Swiss deaf society makes ‘Federer’ sign of the year
There's no way you'll be able to stop yourself signing along with Federer while watching this video! Nouvo brings you short videos about Switzerland, Swiss current affairs and the wider...
Behind the scenes with our online media team
The editorial staff of swissinfo.ch is making the most of the chances of digitalisation. Whether new community tools or multimedia story telling; as a purely online media we work with a wide...
When shopping gets political
Are there ways of judging how politically involved young people are other than looking at voter turnout? Organic and fair trade products are booming. However, sales figures don't tell the...
How well do we recycle plastic?
There are various ways of recycling plastic waste in Switzerland. Yet compared with other countries we recycle too little. A study now shows that expanding ways for people to get rid of plastic...
The forgotten story of Swiss au pairs in Britain
In the inter-war and post-war years, Britain was a popular destination for Swiss women. Working as au-pairs, they learned about life in Britain and many fell in love with the country and its...
St Nicholas’s sidekick – where does he come from?
Three theories about where St Nick's helper comes from and why he has a blackened face… Nouvo brings you short videos about Switzerland, Swiss current affairs and the wider world. Keep...
Remembering ‘French Elvis’ in Switzerland
Johnny Hallyday, the French rock star who has died from cancer, had a large fan base in French-speaking Switzerland, and once made headlines when he moved to the country for tax reasons. (RTS/swis...
Making fun of migration stereotypes
Tama Vakeesan was born in Switzerland to Tamil parents from Sri Lanka. This week she interviews Arman and Sascha from Austria, who have made a feature film ("Die Migrantigen”), poking fun...
A Swiss architect’s love affair with a village set to become a hotel
An architect who once studied a small mountain community in Ticino weighs in on plans to turn it into a hotel to keep it from dying out. (swissinfo.ch/RTS) Thomas Amsler, who now lives in...


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