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Larissa M. Bieler

"The great service offered by swissinfo.ch is something often brought up at the many meetings I have with Swiss people living abroad."

Oscar Knapp
SWI Committee

100 Years of the OSA – #WeAreSwissAbroad

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SWI swissinfo.ch
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POV and observations by a 55y/o Swiss who has lived half his life in CH and the other half in Southern California.


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Swiss Abroad: Stay in touch with Switzerland
SWI swissinfo.ch, a branch of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), provides targeted information to all the Swiss living ...
Swiss foundation ReBin produces Biogas in Toffo, Benin
In the municipality of Toffo, in the south of the West African country, ReBin has been transforming local organic waste into compost ...
Meet Switzerland's next man in space
Marco Sieber has been chosen as a “career astronaut” by the European Space Agency (ESA) – he is thus set to become only the ...
Producing syngas from sunlight
The Swiss company Synhelion is developing the world's first industrial-scale plant to produce synthetic fuels from CO2, methane, ...
Women soldiers in peacekeeping SWISSCOY contingents
Women are still a minority in international peacekeeping operations. The Swiss armed forces' contingent in Kosovo, SWISSCOY, ...
The world's longest passenger train through the Swiss alps
Switzerland's largest private railway operator, Rhaetian Railway (RhB), set a new world record for the longest passenger train on ...
Let’s Talk: the future of Crypto Nation Switzerland
Switzerland has built a reputation for nurturing a new industry based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Experts give ...
Swiss journalist reports on the art of survival
Karin Wenger, former Asia correspondent for Swiss public broadcaster SRF, has put down her microphone and picked up her pen ...
Let’s Talk: polar research and our struggling planet
Some may question the value of polar research when there are other problems closer to home. But what is happening in these ...
Swiss keep an eye on tensions in Kosovo
Things are tense in northern Kosovo as a deadline approaches for Serbs to swap their Belgrade-issued number plates for local ...


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