"In a year when fake news became the news it's clear that the public need a news source they can trust for its impartiality and accuracy. I noticed this particularly when I was talking with the Swiss in America in October."

Diccon Bewes
SWI Public Council

“Dear Democracy,
how are you?” #DearDemocracy

From the Arab Spring to Brexit, from Trump to “fake” news: direct democracy is a hot topic. Reflective of this, Swiss students came up with the evocative hashtag #DearDemocracy for an event for which SWI swissinfo.ch was media partner. This is now the name of our platform on modern direct democracy, the most important topic addressed by swissinfo.ch. This article explains what is behind #DearDemocracy.


US elex coverage

Washington’s story of the year – as told by SWI


#DearDemocracy at the
Global Democracy Forum

San Sebastián, 16 to 19 November 2016

Brexit, right-wing populists and right-wing extremists grasping for power in Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands. 8 November, and Trump is elected the new US president: 2016 was one long, loud wake-up call for democracies and for the world as a whole.